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Greg Little 40 Time: What is Greg Little’s 40 yard dash time?


Greg Little is a Offensive tacklewho plays for Miami Dolphins in the NFL. Greg Little ran a 40-yard dash time of 5.33 seconds.

Greg Little’s 40-time is 5.33 seconds.

What is 40 Time, or 40-yard dash in football?

The  NFL, known globally as the National Football League, has its ups and downs. Still, it never ceases to entertain numerous people who choose to watch or partake in it. The atmospheric presence of its games is to-die-for. Many great names have evolved from this football league.

However, the 40-time or the 40-yard dash in the NFL centers on a sprint covering 40 yards.
Many athletes are given this form of evaluation to determine their speed and acceleration easily by football scouts.

This is a very important evaluation; hence players of every position practice endlessly to beat their records every time.


What is a good 40 time?

A good 40-time is a requirement for most aspiring wide backs or cornerbacks globally.
Per a 5-year report put together by the NFL, wide receivers had the quickest times at 4 minutes, 48 seconds. Cornerbacks followed this at 4 minutes 49 seconds.

Usually, many running backs fall within the 4.40 and 4.70. Others run in 4.30 while a couple of them amazingly beat the 4.70-time frame.

So, in essence, an NFL star averagely should be able to run between  4.5 and 4.3 to experience a good 40. It is as simple as that.

Anything lower will decrease your chances of getting drafted by the big guns in the sport.

What is a good 40 For an average person?

An average individual, especially a non-athletic person, should be able to crush the 40-yard dash in a time frame of 5.2 easily.

Every player should hit this mark as your height and weight has no bearing on your 40-time. There is no excuse to fail at this.

The good 40 dash prevents exceptional athletes from being left behind during periodic NFL drafts.


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