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Lizzo outfit ideas: 30 bold and inspiring styles that will look good on you

Lizzo is a talented American musician and rapper, but her influence goes beyond entertainment. She is known to be a vocal LBGTQ+ supporter and an inspiration for body positivity among plus size women. Lizzo’s choice of style has also made her a fashion icon to fans. This article looks at some of the best Lizzo outfit ideas that the singer has won on the red carpet, SNL, NBA games, and other functions.


Lizzo has a bold and unapologetic personality that is often reflected in her music and outfit choice. With great hits like Juice, Good As Hell, and Truth Hurts, the upcoming singer has a bright future in the pop industry.

Lizzo’s top 30 bold fashion moments

Loving yourself is a concept that Lizzo lives by and can be seen in everything she does. What is Lizzo’s dress size? She is 18+ and is proud to be associated with the plus size community. If you want to have that Lizzo moment, take a look at the following top 30 outfits that the rising star has nailed in the recent past.

1. Pink goddess

2. Message dress

3. Print dress

4. Asymmetry does the trick

5. Chocolate queen

6. Blue sequin gown

7. Two-piece black latex

8. Shiny Atelier Versace

9. Strapless white Versace never goes wrong

10. Glittery back bustier

11. All black affair

12. One-shoulder mini

13. Figure-hugging denim

14. Cheetah print pants

15. Cowgirl Gucci vibes

16. Ruffled Valentino dress


17. Iconic tulle gown

18. Two-tone dress

19. Tie-dye outfit

20. The red queen

21. Brown empress

22. Christopher John Rogers look

23. Marc Jacobs gown

24. Neon green gown

25. Suit affair

26. Joggers and hoodie

27. Party girl look

28. Cheetah print

29. Black and white print dress

30. Bold in brown

Lizzo’s Lakers game outfit

The singer wore a thong dress to an NBA game between Los Angeles Lakers and the Minnesota Timberwolves in December 2019. Lizzo’s Lakers outfit sparked controversy, but the Juice hitmaker remained unapologetic.

Which of the above Lizzo outfit did you like the most? It is hard to choose just one because all of them are hot and bring out the best of her personality. She is all about body positivity for curvy women, and that is visible in her ensembles.

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