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Mitch Trubisky Salary And Contract: How Much Does Mitch Trubisky Make?


Mitch Trubisky signed a 2-year contract worth $14,285,000 with an average salary of $7,142,500 with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2022.

Mitch Trubisky Contract

Contract Length 2 years
Contract Terms $14,285,000
Average Salary $7,142,500
Signing Bonus $5,250,000
Guaranteed Money $5,250,000
Total Guaranteed $5,250,000
Free Agent 2024/UFA
Career Earnings $45,971,690
Market Value


The National Football League players’ contracts are absolutely different from those in other sporting disciplines. It is a whirlwind and complex because it involves many things, but it is every player’s agent’s job to secure the bag for their clients.

First and foremost, there is a well-structured salary system set for football players. This helps streamline the financial obligations of team owners.

An NFL player’s base salary is what he earns every week just for being on the roster. With NFL rules, it’s mostly paid out in 17 installments after each game.

Similarly, if a player has a base salary of $2 million, their weekly paycheck will be worth $80,485.53.
Correspondingly, there is a salary structure called “split salary,” given to players on IR to reduce their financial burden. It is most common among young players who are drafted late.

When a player is released, they stop paying their salary. However, the team still owes the player ‘dead money’.

So that is how GMs make cuts and save money.

Now, let’s peek into the types of bonuses a player can earn under a contract.

An NFL player can earn $868,000 per year, which is significantly less than the $2 million that gets them more promotions.

A first-year rookie may earn a minimum salary of $435,000.

The most exposed players, whose financial details are all over the place, are the impressive high earnings of top quarterbacks.

To be clearer, the signing bonus is the total amount the bonus is worth.

A “drown out bonus” refers to the amount of that bonus a player is paid each season.
Therefore, in the above example, $250,000 per year is the prorated bonus.

A player might make money just by being on an active roster at the early stages of the league year. Then we have ‘reporting bonuses,’ similar to the drowned out ones.


These bonuses are rolled out on a year-by-year basis as stated in the terms outlined in the contract.
For now, this is what goes through the contracts of the NFL football players even up until 2022.

From multiple reports running through the media space, NFL will likely continue with this format until the 2025 NFL season.

NFL Salary cap

Do you ever wonder why some soccer giants like FC Barcelona nearly went bankrupt during the pandemic? It’s because of the salary or spending cap set by the European soccer governing body, UEFA. This is the same case for the National Football League (NFL).

For those who don’t know, the salary cap, in simple terms, happens to be the amount of money that NFL teams are allowed to spend on players’ salaries.

The main reason for this is to set spending rules for all teams involved in the NFL, so every team is on a fair and reasonable playing field. The required salary cap is imposed on them by the Players Association in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The current CBA makes sure all revenue sources, including television contracts, merchandise sales, and ticket sales, are added up and divided among all 32 teams.

Moreover, for the first time, when the salary cap was introduced in 1994, the cap was leveled at $34 million. The salary cap for the current NFL season is $208.2 million in 2022 after a significant drop due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NFL has a minimum amount of money that a team can request towards their caps.
All the teams are conditioned to spend at least 90 percent of their caps, which means there could be an expansion this year.

What is the lowest-paying position in the NFL?

It may look like all NFL players are racking up millions of dollars and retiring rich. Star quarterbacks receive contracts worth $15 million per year, but the rest of the players are not as fortunate. So, per records, the punter and kicker in the NFL earn the least, which is $3 million to $3.6 million.

Are NFL salaries public?

NFL salaries are made public for various reasons. The NFL allows the information to be made public so that players can negotiate an acceptable and bigger deal based on market values.

Other factors like signing bonuses, salary caps, player requirements, and contracts play a considerable role in determining whether a salary increases or decreases.

What is the average salary by position in the NFL?

Currently, the fullback earns the average salary in the NFL with a median income of about $616,000.

Which NFL positions get paid the most?

Quarterback happens to be the most critical and highest-earning position in the NFL. According to Spotrac, the average salary for quarterbacks is $10,797,273.


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